When it comes to repairing or adjusting string instruments, keep in mind that adjusting or replacing one item may very well cause a new set up at extra cost. As a result remember the following estimates are just that, estimates.

The following assumes adjustments are possible and without adding parts:
Truss Rod neck relief adjustment.
Action adjustment at nut and saddle.
Fret height check and light buffing.
Basic electronics cleaning (Acoustic/electric guitar).
General cleaning including oiling fret board (rosewood).
Your guitar health printout.
New pre-slotted nut intsall (includes 1st fret action set) - $35 plus part.
New saddle install (includes 12th fret action set) - $35 plus part.
Estimates for labour only and subject to change.
- All parts are extra -

Remove and re-glue old bridge - $65. Never a perfect fit, blemishes may show.
Replace bridge - The above $65 plus cost of new.
Shave bridge - $50
Acoustic Full Set Up - $65
Replace tuners - $25 plus parts. May be able to repair old turner.
Install under saddle pickup - $50 plus parts and assuming saddle will allow for proper installation.
Fret leveling and dressing - $75. This assumes no frets need replacing.
Replace frets - $10 per fret ($15 necks with binding) plus above leveling and dressing charge.
Other types of acoustic work not shown here can be quoted with request.
Bench rate $35 per hour.